Where Can I Get My Nails Done After School?

Kelly’s Beauty and Nail Salon is the perfect spot to get a beautiful manicure.

Located in Fallbrook Center a block away from de Toledo is the tranquil and beautiful Kelly’s Nail Salon. I got a beautiful gel manicure from Joy, who is quite the perfectionist, which I appreciate! I went with the color Funny Bunny, to go for a natural and elegant look. This color was a soft, nude white with a sheer finish. Joy was amazing from start to finish.

I got a regular pedicure from Jill which was good! Same color. I appreciate anybody who takes the time to give me a good manicure or pedicure! I got a great foot massage from Jill and a hand massage from Joy.

As a person being involved in the beauty industry, I appreciate their personable service.  But more than that, I loved the employees and people working in the salon. This is definitely the kind of business I can get behind. Supporting small, family-run businesses is important to support our local community.

My sister does not care for the mani-pedi that she has gotten from Kelly’s, but I would happily return for a $35 gel manicure.