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Dear Jag,

I am always under the pressure of doing well and succeeding in all of my classes. Having a lot of honors classes takes up most of my day because of all the homework and tests I have. A lot of the time I get overwhelmed and get anxiety about taking a test, so my question is how should I manage all the homework and tests I have without getting overwhelmed?



Dear Overwhelmed,

I am sorry to hear about the situation you are in. I definitely feel like I can help you better manage your stress so you can get a great night sleep. I always like to set a routine and once I get more into my routine, I tend to be able to feel better about the work I have to get done and the work I have accomplished. Establishing a routine is the easy part, but sometimes sticking with it can be a challenge. I suggest you try your hardest to stick with it for a few days, but do not be afraid to experiment to find what works. If you start your work right when you get home and create a list of things you want to accomplish, I think it will motivate you to get more of your work done. Be realistic. Write things on your list you think you can accomplish in a reasonable time that night. Work until you finish the things on that list and then take a break. This way, you should feel confident you met your goals for the day and should go to sleep less stressed and more relieved.

Hope this helps!

The Prowler