Time Management Tips for Freshmen

The Jag, Staff Writer

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Dear Jag,

What are you tips on time management? And how can I get work done during the day so when I get home late I won’t be stressed?


Billy Joe The Seventh


Dear Billy Joe The Seventh,

There are many ways to manage time successfully. Here are a few tips I have gathered on this topic. First, if you have a study period make sure you use it productively and not waste this valuable time. When you focus and put your mind to working on homework, an hour’s work can lessen your workload significantly. Also, plan ahead and don’t procrastinate if you have many assignments. Even if they aren’t due for a few days, work on them. Prioritize most of your time working on the assignments with the earlier due date, but make sure to do at least some of the other assignments. This will make your “to do” list seem less overwhelming.

There are other ways to work on homework and projects throughout a school day other than during a study period. You can always work at Bonus, Lunch, and free time, when given in classes. Remember, you are allowed to meet and work on assignments with your teachers. Talking with teachers is helpful because they can answer your questions as they come up. Make sure to email whichever teacher you are planning to meet beforehand to set up a time and see if they’re free. Another resource you have at your disposal are your peer mentors, their job is to help you navigate through your first year here at de Toledo. If these tips don’t feel right for you, talk with your mentors. Maybe they can come up with ideas that work for you.

I really hope you found this letter helps!

Jag Staff