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Dear Jag,

I was thinking about deleting all my social media apps (seriously) so I will be able to focus directly on school work and baseball and basketball. But then I won’t be able to be caught up on a lot of things in the outside world. What’s your advice?


Done with Social Media


Dear Jag Cub,

This is a very mature consideration on your part! Of course, the decision is entirely your own, as only you can judge the severity of the challenge presented to your schoolwork by social media, but if you feel that it creates too much distraction from more important pursuits, remember that deleting an app is by no means a permanent matter. There are also compromises that can be made if ridding yourself of all social media seems too daunting a task. For instance, why not try shutting off notifications for those apps so that you’re not as tempted to constantly check them? Another compromise could be setting your phone in a different room while you do homework after school. Or, if you like to keep your phone on your person, maybe set a timer for however long you believe you can work to the best of your ability, and then have a designated break time (10-20 minutes?) where you allow yourself to indulge in distractions (ie. social media, Youtube, texting/calling friends, TV, stretching, snacking, playing with your dog, etc) before returning to your work. On days when you have sports, maybe set your phone aside as soon as you get home and work as efficiently as you can, and for as long as you can, so you’ll hopefully make the most of your remaining adrenaline before you crash. Obviously, I don’t know your routine, so you’d have to adapt my advice accordingly, but perhaps, if you are able to self-monitor, all you need to do is set a certain low number of times per day that you’ll allow yourself to check social media and stay consistent to that rule. This, however, requires a lot of discipline, and would be difficult for anyone to adhere to daily. The last potential compromise I came up with is to decrease the temptation of social media by increasing participation in other activities. Maybe create a diversion for the impulse to check those apps. For instance, when you feel the need to check in with social media but you know you’ve got work to do, grab a fidget spinner or twiddle stone to keep your hands busy and satisfy your brain’s need for a mindless distraction. Or, instead of checking social media, play a quick round of a puzzle or word game (2048?) on your phone so you hopefully get the same relief.

Many people I know who delete their social media end up having an off-and-on relationship with those apps because nobody wants to be permanently separated from the world, so the apps alternate being on and off their phones, which causes more issues than it solves, really. In my opinion, a compromise is the best way to go; that way, you don’t have to choose between your responsibilities and your entertainment/social life. Again, the decision is ultimately up to you, and I’m sure you’ll make the right one!


Good Luck,

Jag Staff