Sivan E-K. '24


When I see the American flag

When I see the American flag I feel free I see a united front   When I see the flag I feel honored I see fifty different places united as one   When I see the flag I feel patriotic I see people helping each other out   When I see the flag I feel strong I see the grit and determination that keeps this country going   When I see the...

Oh, America

Oh, America, You failed to keep your promise, You must be redeemed.   Each and every soul, Black, white, red, brown, and yellow, Is one that is free.   And our government Is standing tall, united Under waving flags   Political groups, Republicans, Democrats, Working together,   If only they would, Sadly, this isn’t our nation, But...

An Open Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,  I am writing to you because I am bothered about the fact that our country is so divided. There is such a big line between the Democrats and the Republicans to the point where they can't work together to solve problems in our great nation. I recently read "Let America be America Again" by Langston Hughes, and it brought up equal rights for all. Some people of color are too sc...

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