Seniors Say Goodbye

 At dTHS, High School ‘Doesn’t Feel Like a Competition’

Alexa Goldwasser, Service Learning Editor

As a new freshman, when you walk through the doors of high school, all you know is how high school is depicted in the movies. You have the sports fanatics, the jocks, the geeks, the popular girls, and the STEM kids. Coming to de Toledo, I was definitely expecting those things, but I learned quickly that isn’t our culture. Instead, our culture is being surrounded by family, kindness, communit...

A Letter to My Younger Self: Recapping a Non-Traditional High School Journey 

Jordan Norris, Student Life Editor

High school is where we are supposed to find ourselves, get involved on campus, and make lifelong friends. While I did these throughout my time at dTHS, I wish I had done some things differently, so I'd like to give some advice to myself as I look back on the past four years.  Dear Freshman Jordan,  You're about to embark on a life-changing four years that will contain curveballs and many roads...

School Ends Early for Seniors: A Good Thing

Jamie Kreitenberg, Business Editor

As seniors at de Toledo High School, we finish school three months earlier than everyone else. This is our last week of high school. As almost-being-done-with-school, this helps many of us out, giving us plenty of time to prepare ourselves for college. Leaving home can be really challenging for many people. At the end of high school, so many students experience senioritis during senior yea...

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