Alone at Bonus and Lunch

The Jag, staff Writer

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Dear Jag,

I don’t know where to go at bonus and lunch and I don’t like being alone. What should I do?

Dear anonymous,

During bonus and lunch, it can be hard to find people because some of your friends might have other commitments. A good idea for you might be to find a meeting place on campus where you and your friends can meet up during breaks. Therefore, you can see who is available at all times. Also, you may want to consider joining clubs! Even if you join one with a friend, it is a great way to meet new people and have a welcoming place to be at lunch. I had the same issue as you, I hated being alone at bonus and lunch, and it was always hard to find people! However, I learned that it is ok to be alone at our school. Sometimes, if I couldn’t find people, I would sit at a table, or by my locker and watch YouTube videos. No one will judge you if you sit alone. The last thing that you can consider doing is approaching a new group of people. I know it is very difficult to branch out, but this is a good chance to make new friends and have other people to hang out with when your friends are busy. Thank you for coming to me for advice, If you ever need any more help, I am always here 🙂