The Prowler

2018-2019 Staff

Sarah Ritter

Sarah is a senior. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and listening to all things Broadway. This is her first opportunity writing for a newspaper. She is excited for the stories and reviews she is going to wri...

Sophie Newman

Sophie is a senior at dTHS. She is very passionate about all things environment and human rights. When she’s not saving the planet, she can be found in the kitchen baking up a new recipe, saving sea turtles, or making art, but...

Emma Nulman

Emma is a senior. She enjoys writing and exploring important issues in the world through her work. She is an advocate of many prominent societal issues and cannot wait to share her ideas with The Prowler. In her free time, she ...

Ben Pfeifer

Ben is the Sports Editor at the Prowler. He is a senior at de Toledo High School.

Lauren Pomerantz

Lauren is a senior. She enjoys exercising, spending time with friends/family, and is especially passionate about writing. The Prowler is her first opportunity to write for a newspaper, so she is eager to investigate interesting...

Ariel Esmailzadeh

As a frequent writer for Teen Ink, and an avid participant in writing competitions and events, Ariel Esmailzadeh is grateful for being a part of the Prowler at dTHS,  adding different perspectives to de Toledo’s already divers...

Sarah Shane

Sarah is a junior. She loves reading, writing, going to the gym, and hanging with friends. It is her second year writing for The Prowler, and she is excited for the challenge and can't wait to contribute.

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