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2 Vegan Bowls

As someone who absolutely loves fish, I was heartbroken to recently discovered that I can no longer eat salmon. A few weeks ago, I was eating grilled salmon for dinner and got sick. Under the impression that I ate a piece of “bad salmon,” I took a hiatus from eating all fish. Last Thursday, I decided that it was time to try again. I ate grilled salmon once again and got extremely sick. I was unable to move due to a sharp pain in my gut, and I even had to miss a day of school due to the pain. This was one of the worst experiences, not necessarily because of the physical pain I was in, but more because of the emotional ties I had with salmon.

When I went on a Summer trip to Uruguay with school, all I ate was salmon. It was my go-to protein source (besides tofu) and has been since I discovered I could no longer eat meat. So, not being able to eat salmon, as well as all fish, really freaked me out. I had no clue what I was supposed to eat anymore. I decided that in order to be healthy, I needed to find ways to get protein. I did a ton of research online and by looking at multiple recipes, created some of my own. I needed to make sure that the dishes I made would give me the protein I need to stay full and alert. This brown rice and squash bowl as well as this Vegetable and Tofu Pad- Thai dish were the first two dishes I made after salmon debacle. I spent the night in the kitchen crafting these beautiful meals, and they was delicious!

Brown Rice and Squash Bowl
Tofu Pad Thai

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