TikTok: Love It or Leave It?

October 28, 2020



TikTok Makes You Feel Better

 I personally love TikTok. It has over 600 million users per day and for good reason.

So many singers and actors have gotten the app. The numbers are getting higher every day.  Jason Derulo, a famous singer who is really cute,  got the app a few months ago and now has over 38 million followers. His hit song “Colors” is about how everyone is equal no matter what shape, color, or size.

TikTok really helps people’s mental state during this pandemic since we are home 90 percent of the time. It teaches you many things. 

There are many people who have issues with body image, and there are people who have huge platforms on this app, like Sienna Mae who makes videos dancing with her stomach out to show people that it’s ok and to love your body how it is. No one should want to look like people from magazines because it’s usually photoshopped. 

And TikTok makes you feel better. If you’re feeling bad about yourself, they have videos that explain why you should love yourself.  When I’m sad or bored, I watch it and I feel so much better.

TikTok also has great life hacks: if you have an old shirt you don’t like, there are videos explaining how to make your shirt look more trendy. 

It’s very educational, too. For example, there are math teachers who explain so you can understand better. One video shows how to do the multiplication table faster. 

 I enjoy making videos on the app in my free time and, to be honest, I can’t see my life without it because it’s part of my everyday routine. Even though this may sound crazy I feel like it’s made me a better person, taught me to be more caring and compassionate.

In one TikTok video, a boy is bullying this girl and didn’t realize what she was going through at home, and a bystander stood up for her. It taught me not to judge a book by its cover, and it also showed me that we don’t always know what people are going through.

I understand that, overall, TikTok can be addicting, but the app helps so many people, and no one realizes that until they are the ones who are getting the help. 

Everyone’s Tiktok account is different because when you first download the app, you have a “for you” page, and if you like sad and horrible content, that’s what will start to get on your page,  but if you like happy and fun videos, that is what you will see.



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Judgmental App Creates “Unattainable Standards”

So, TikTok: many people have a lot of opinions on this app.

TikTok is an app where many people can express themselves in a social media setting,  You can dance, talk, or sing, then you upload your video for the world to see. This app also is very controversial. For some, it’s saved lives, for others, it’s ruined them. 

I, for one, am on the side against this judgmental app.

Number one, it gives people unattainable standards. This is one of the things that frustrates me most about the app. You’re not going to be a millionaire overnight just because you make a dumb video.

Second, it’s embarrassing and annoying (especially in public). Listening to people play song after song is super bothersome, and when you’re with someone and they just whip out their phone and start dancing around a bunch of people, honestly, just don’t do that.

Third, it just makes people do stupid things. Because when you watch a video about a man going through a train tunnel, then you try to go through that same tunnel and end up getting hit by the train. Don’t be a follower. It’s not smart. I mean, seriously.

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