School Ends Early for Seniors: A Good Thing

As seniors at de Toledo High School, we finish school three months earlier than everyone else. This is our last week of high school. As almost-being-done-with-school, this helps many of us out, giving us plenty of time to prepare ourselves for college.

Leaving home can be really challenging for many people.

At the end of high school, so many students experience senioritis during senior year. This can cause a lack of schoolwork, attention spans, and sleep is what I have noticed; however, if you get out of high school earlier, you won’t suffer this as much.

Ending senior year early also takes the pressure off of having school work, like assignments. Having school off, we have to do some type of internship that can help many students who have never worked before gain the experience they need. 

If students can graduate early, it can also help them financially by getting a job or getting their own independence, says The American Academy, an online high school accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. 

What’s bad about graduating early is you can miss sports, musicals, prom, or graduating with your classmates. You can miss a lot of your high school experience. At the age we go into college we all might not be as mature yet; some people might not be able to handle the mental and emotional stress of college.

Being seniors, we have had a lot of work, and being able to graduate early feels like an accomplishment. We get to start summer early. For the rest of the grades, they might not be happy about a lot of us leaving because we all have friends in different grades, but they will all get a turn eventually when they become a senior. This is our reward for making it through the stress of college applications. 

Some public high schools are now starting to let students graduate early, says Sam Dillon of the New York Times. They have to pass a requirement of tests, and you could still go to community college. If you fail these tests you can also try again. More and more places are now starting to do this, like Denmark, England, Finland, France and Singapore.

I still think this is a very good idea. I like being a senior and being able to get out of school early. I will be able to finally work again and go back to full time and travel. I think it is a good idea so we can expand our horizons. I know a lot of people will be sad, and they will miss their friends, and having to move on to go to college may be hard,  but I think it is a really good idea that can help us out in our near future.

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