Little Green Cabin at Tripp 

a plane ride, a car drive 

and a walk through the woods 

until we reach where the little green cabin stood


it paralleled the glimmering lake

the windows reflected tall trees

a plate on the carved table holding gingersnap cookies

the soft smell of birch 

and the warm heated air

the taste of the ginger that stung my tongue bare


the cool dirt beneath my feet 

as I ran to the dock with one grand leap: Splash 

the water surrounded me with a roar


I pulled the handle bar as the engined accelerated 

with rough skis now attached to my size one feet

flying over small ripples as the boat rocked side to side 

capturing the view of the trees as I glide, and glide and slide

my hands dropped the handle and I sunk into the crisp abyss 

capturing the essence of my second home,

of tripp


saying goodbye until the next summer to come 

walking back through the woods

back into the car 

boarding the plane again 

back to life and emotions and stress and love

but always missing the little green cabin 

and the tall trees above 

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