A Letter to My Younger Self: Recapping a Non-Traditional High School Journey 

High school is where we are supposed to find ourselves, get involved on campus, and make lifelong friends. While I did these throughout my time at dTHS, I wish I had done some things differently, so I’d like to give some advice to myself as I look back on the past four years. 

Dear Freshman Jordan, 

You’re about to embark on a life-changing four years that will contain curveballs and many roads to choose from, but stay true to yourself. Try everything you can, from sports to clubs, and keep meeting new people. One hundred kids may seem like a lot, but they’re all just as nervous as you are, so put yourself out there! Try to talk to the older kids; they have great advice that will benefit you. Enjoy the newness while you can. 

Dear Sophomore Jordan, 

You will have to learn how to balance spending time doing your homework and going on the grand tour of LA with your Israeli, but time management is a crucial skill to have. Take this lesson to Israel and learn that it’s okay to say no. Learn how to live in the moment because a pandemic will stall your life before you know it. Also, keep checking in on people; you’re all going through this crazy time of isolation, so go the extra mile. 

Dear Junior Jordan, 

Halfway done, and you’re still at home, so that stinks. But now you have to start looking at colleges and figuring out your major. You’re still doing Zoom school, so keep up your grades; this year will be critical when colleges look at your transcript! Keep reaching out and making plans with your friends; you need this! Now that you’re back at school, talk to people you’ve missed, and make weekend plans with anyone. Now’s your time. And have fun touring colleges this summer!

Dear Senior Jordan,

You did it. You finally made it after three rigorous academic years filled with essays, after-school sports, extracurricular activities, and volunteering. You’ve done it all. Push through your college essays, keep up your grades, and branch out! Pick a university with a program you love, people you see yourself being lifelong friends with, and a city where you hope to thrive! Enjoy these last moments with your grade because very soon you will all be in a new place. And don’t trip on the graduation stage, please. 

High school has been fun, but there will always be things I wish I had done. So I will be taking my own advice to college with me, always remembering to branch out, keep up my grades, and live in the moment to the best of my ability. 

Signing off, 

High School Jordan

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