Response to Schindler’s List

Poem describes "the immense pain and suffering that Amon Goeth caused the Jewish people."

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Response to Schindler’s List

Zoe W. '19

Zoe W. '19

Zoe W. '19

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A human.

Most wouldn’t even call him that.

Biologically, maybe there’s a chance

A chance I could call him a human being


But a human with no soul

A human with no warmth in his heart

Not even enough to create a small fire

Not even enough to light a candle

To turn on a stove

Not enough of a human to be decent

To be kind.

Or maybe not a human at all.

The pain caused in millions of hearts

The pain that shattered a whole world

Not a human

A monster.

One that haunts you at night

Steals your happiness

Throws it away

And burns it.

Burns the love

Grinds it into shreds

Little tiny shreds

Or maybe a punch

A punch to the gut

One that makes the world stop

Earth falls behind

And hurt rises above your eyes

Along with the million little flecks

Flecks of dust

Dust that used to be a million beautiful souls

A million.


Then tears

Tears that never forget

Tears that stain your heart before your face

He took everything

He broke our hearts

Broke our souls

A soul

That thing he never had

So a human?

Not even close.