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Stronger Gun Laws Needed to End Violence

Yoni H. '23, Contributing Writer

October 28, 2019

A huge problem in our nation right now is gun violence. It is too easy to get a gun, especially at a very young age in places such as Florida and Minnesota. In Minnesota, the legal age to get a rifle is at age 14 with no pare...

Freshman Loses Sleep

Madelyn Manenti, Student Life Editor

September 21, 2019

Sleep. What is sleep? It's an abstract concept, really. We know we need it. It's good for us, so why not have more of it? Studies have shown that a later school start time is just what students need. According to the Nati...

Standardization Crushes Creativity in Students

Lauren Pomerantz, News Editor

May 19, 2019

Our society is increasing its standardized grip on students, preventing us from uncovering our uniqueness and innovative abilities in school. Through its adherence to traditional measures of knowledge and testing, the United States...

Senior Laments Creativity Crisis in Schools

Lauren Pomerantz, News Editor

May 19, 2019

I find myself restricted in creativity by the test-oriented nature of our nation’s education system. In the remaining weeks of my final year of high school, I feel my formal education has not prepared me to think, act or wr...

College Admissions Scandal Disheartens Students

Emma Nulman, Features Editor

March 24, 2019

A scandal involving high profile and affluent actresses and wealthy executives has rocked the news. The persons under investigation either paid or accepted large sums of money to ensure acceptance to some of the nation’s best ...

Rainbow of Feelings

Sophie H. '19, Contributing Writer

February 20, 2019

“Congrats,” they tell her, and she smiles because she really is happy. But she’s also so many other things. She’s a rainbow of feelings. She’s red with fear, green with joy, orange with excitement, and blue wi...

Is Technology Making Us Bad People?

Sophie Newman, Global Affairs Editor

January 17, 2019

Recently, Microsoft found that our attention spans have decreased by 30% since 2000. Forty percent of internet users will abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. We live in a world where everyon...

Women’s Struggles Are Far From Over

Sarah Shane, Student Life Editor

January 14, 2019

Voting, equal pay, freedom of choice. Women have had to fight for every basic right and liberty since the dawn of time. Everything that was just a given for men has been a battle for women. One of our longest lasting and most vicious ...

It Is a Heroic Act — To Stand Up to Gun Violence

Lauren Pomerantz, News Editor

December 16, 2018

We live in a dangerous world. Every choice we make, every person we interact with, and every one of our actions impacts the world around us. In a society where a multitude of people experience trauma, especially gun violence, it is ...

Death to the Death Penalty

Sophie Newman, Global Affairs Editor

December 16, 2018

Clank, clank, clank. That’s the sound of chains dragging as you shuffle your shackled feet down the hallway, escorted by two police officers. After being subjected to a final humiliating strip search, you’re then walked in...

Chaos at the Border

Emma Nulman, Features Editor

December 13, 2018

Migrants of “the caravan” became victims of “non-lethal” force when U.S. authorities fired tear gas into the crowd of men, women and children at the San Ysidro border crossing on Sunday, November 25. The caravan, w...

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