Time Management Tips from Annie

Dear Annie,

There are so many opportunities spread out before me at this school, and there are so many I would love to take. However, I already have a lot on my plate, and I’m worrying that I might end up overwhelming myself. How can I manage my time better and still do the things I want to?

–Someone With Horrible Time Management 

Dear Someone With Horrible Time Management,

Making time for everything you want to do can be super difficult. But it’s best that you focus on your academic success first, then do things that you enjoy doing. It’s really easy to become overwhelmed by a busy schedule. To make life easier on yourself, try using a planner to write down all of your assignments and upcoming events for that week, and check tasks off as you go. Another tip: don’t wait to complete assignments at the last minute; do your work when you first get it. This way you will have more time on your hands to spend time doing what you enjoy!  It’s super important that you give time to yourself and focus on your own well-being.