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Five Grandparents Share One Student on Generations Day

Lauren Pomerantz, News Editor

February 27, 2019

When my five grandparents attend Generations Day each year, it is quite an event. Some people do not feel they want to bring their grandparents to school on this interesting day, but I feel differently. I know that my grandparents and...

In Case of Emergency, Dial #45

Sophie Newman, Global Affairs Editor

January 21, 2019

School may be starting back up for second semester, but the same can’t be said for federal government workers all over the country who have been working without pay for the past four weeks. While students at de Toledo can look forward...

Public School Teachers Strike!

Sarah Ritter, Arts and Entertainment Editor

January 15, 2019

Picket signs and umbrellas filled the hands of more than 30,000 Los Angeles Unified School District teachers on a rainy Monday morning, affecting almost 600,000 students around Los Angeles. What are they fighting for? More teachers, n...

A Woolsey Fire Experience at deToledo High School

Sarah Riitter, Arts and Entertainment Editor

November 15, 2018

WEST HILLS--Over this past weekend, the cast, crew, and pit came together for the theater retreat. Despite school being cancelled (due to the Woolsey fire) the retreat was deemed safe to attend. As the fire continued to rage, ...

Mass Shooting and Deadly Wildfire Remind Us What’s Important

Ariel Esmailzadeh, Opinion Editor

November 15, 2018

In these recent, but seemingly familiar, times of hardship and pain, every individual  throughout the community needs to stop and reflect. While some, more fortunate than others, were, along with their property and belongings, ...

Raging Wildfires Force Calabasas Evacuations

Sarah Shane, Student Life Editor

November 15, 2018

CALABASAS -  On Thursday afternoon, I heard from friends and family that wildfires were raging in Thousand Oaks. I remember shaking my head as I thought of friends of mine in that area, and how they couldn’t seem to get a b...

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