My Eyes of America


In my eyes of America,


I see both good and bad in this world.

I see the beauty and design of our planet,

The different environments and scenery,

The different cities, states, and countries,

The different people who are still similar to us in many ways,

And the people who make our country great.


Along with the positivity, sadly, negativity takes over.

We unfortunately see the ugliness of our world,

The way some people are treated,

The horrible causes of our world,

Protests turning into riots,

Homelessness expanding,

And many other causes that sadly are real.


But that’s what makes our world what it is now.

It might not always have positivity,

But at least some is all that matters.

You may not want to have negativity,

But it’s not normal to not have it.

Everything both positive and negative,

Makes our world great and not so great at the same time.

And this is how I see America