She Lights Our Path

"This poem shows the significance of the young girl in the red coat in Schindler's List...she represents the strength of the Jewish people in a time of helplessness. She represents the bravery of the Jewish people in a time of terror. And she represents the light for the Jewish people in a time of darkness."

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She Lights Our Path

Rebecca K. '19

Rebecca K. '19

Rebecca K. '19

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In a world of black and white,

and a pin clasped to each of their hearts.

We try and shield our children from the truth of our world

But we are too overwhelmed

by the hatred and spite


The color has drained from life on our earth,

where we once hoped for acceptance of all

Leaving behind some empty, and afraid,

but the others

wanting nothing but Aryan births.


and one by one the pink disappears from our cheeks

the green washes away from our eyes

the red is licked away from our lips

and as the tears wash the color away

our faces are left streaked.


We walk through our world in our black and white clothes

the flowers wilt and crumble like dust

our lives are burning all around us

and I look up to the sky

as ash falls onto my nose.


In a world of black and white

a little girl lights our path

clothed in a red cloak she walks down the ghetto

and teaches us to see the color in everyone

not just feel the hatred and spite.