Like a Bird’s Wing

Becca Grae

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March 13, 2023

Stomp click chug are the sounds of tap

It has a lot of rhythms like a rap

One of my favorite steps is wing

You brush your feet out and brush them back like a bird’s wing

You try to go faster and faster and faster

Until you feel so much vibration that you feel like you’re going to fall over


​Tap comes from African roots

They did not have tap shoes and sometimes they tap with boots

Tap has developed over the years

When people doin’ that get a lot of cheers 

Now it’s my favorite style to do

It’s fun to learn a step that’s brand new


You can tap with music or go a cappella

Without a melodie you make all the beats with your feet

You try to do different steps so it does not repeat

Tap is one of most unique dance styles to do

And if you learn it , people will definitely be impressed with you.