100-Word Love Stories

I’ve known her since the early days. The minute I saw her was the last time I could take my eyes off of her. I’ve thought and dreamt about her every day for years. I have never had the guts to say a thing because of the fear of rejection. She is the strongest, most-talented, kindest, and most amazing person I’ve ever met. Every time I talk to her I get butterflies in my stomach and fear saying something stupid or something that could ruin our relationship. At the end of the day, I’m in love with this special person. – Ethan Karpel, Prowler Editor


Butterflies turn into an entire zoo when I see you. My heart beats faster when you flash me a smile, making my knees weak. My face heats up making me look like a tomato. I stutter over my words, too enamored by just the sight of you. You walk away, the moment passes, and I try to forget and get over my feelings. And I do. Until the next time I see you and it happens all over again. An entire zoo in my stomach, my heart beating too fast, my knees weak, faced flush, stuttering like a lovesick idiot. – Leila Wazana, Prowler Editor


Sometimes we lose people we love. It’s not fair, but it’s part of life. Last year, I lost my grandfather to cancer, it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. Before he left us, it felt like my world was complete and my life was filled with joy, but now it’s like there is an empty spot in my family that nobody could ever fill. I may not have always said it or known what it meant, but I loved him. I still love him, and love can’t just disappear when the person does. – Anonymous


My love for the NBA started as early as my first-ever basketball game. However, unlike many, I never was one for teams, rather specific players. It started with the rookie Marcus Morris. He dominated in college and many labeled him as a once-in-a-generational player; it was only right that I witnessed his debut. Immediately, I fell in love with him. Following him, I took a vast liking to players such as Deandre Hunter, Rajan Rondo, Rui Hachimura, and more. But, to this day, it is without a doubt that my favorite players are Antentokompo and Holiday. – Aidan Schenck, Prowler Editor


My love for soccer is so great that words wouldn’t be able to explain it, but I’ll give it a shot. Soccer is a sport for players and fans. The players train day and night to be the best the world has ever seen. The fans come to every game with so much emotion. The fans help the players play to their best capability with their chants. When I play soccer, my head goes quiet and I am just relaxed. The only thing I am thinking about is about what I do with the ball next. This game is wonderful. – Etai F., ’23


Dear Gymnastics,

You taught me to love, and you taught me to laugh. You taught me to get up when I fall, and you taught me to never give up. You taught me that if I want to be great I have to work hard. You gave me best friends, who I can call sisters. You helped me be confident in myself and always be the best person I know I can be. You have taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Gymnastics, you entered my life, and I never want you to leave me. – Molly N., ’23


Jack was on his second day of work.  Tired, Jack lacked the motivation to work.  Then, a beautiful woman rushed into the elevator.  They smiled and then looked away. Every day they would meet on the elevator.  One day he saw her crying while holding a box. He assumed she was fired; he had missed the chance to ask her out.  The next day, she entered the elevator again. He looked up and was about to finally ask her out. But the elevator stopped on her floor before he got the words out, and she walked away into the distance. – Jonah T., ’23


My reflection staring at me, judging, looking at me with hate in its eyes. As I looked back at myself, I began to believe the mirror’s evil words. I looked and looked, finding more faults each time. The longer I stared at the stranger in the reflection, the more unfamiliar it appeared. I found more perspective in this. I noticed my eyes had not betrayed me yet. They still glowed. My lips were not broken. They showed me how to smile. I smiled at the new loving reflection in the mirror. It told me to breathe. You are loved, beautiful. – Anonymous