Dear Kobe: A Love Story

Dear Kobe,
From the moment
you drove the lane into our collective basketball consciousness, we fell in love. We didn’t need “rolled up tube socks” of imagination because we had you.
Brash teenager, “Air” apparent, champion, icon, a singular fall away word for perfection:  you were.
Teacher, advocate, story teller, father: you became.
Taking for granted you’d always be there as our purple and gold standard; a mentality when weak; immortal hero.
But our naivety would plummet from the sky, leaving behind the smoking debris of our hearts.
Dear Kobe. Dear, dear, Kobe.

-Mr. Masserman

Dear Kobe,

You brought the game to life. You put LA on the map. You changed the game. You made yourself great. You made others great. You inspired others. You pushed people out of their comfort zone. You started a dynasty. You won 5 rings. You were the one who stayed back and worked while everyone else worked. You made yourself different from everyone else. You put in countless hours. You made everyone else around work harder. You have a drive that no one on this earth has.Why can’t I be like Kobe?  Because Kobe is Kobe. Rest easy!

– Harel L., ’23