Voices: Enough Nicotine

“u looked possessed,/ nicotine make you/ depressed/ nic makes u a mess/ lookin in ur eyes ur/ stressed, u stressed/ be better if u smoked less”

Adapted: Don Toliver’s “Had Enough” (2020)

As performed with Ariel L. and Yoni H., ’23:


I  know

i know you had enough

i know you had enough nicotine

it’s pretty vile

i know you had enough nicotine

put it down it’s bad enough

you and all your friends ain’t gonna live it up

you can’t do your thing if you’re ruining your lungs

yeah you showing off but you should quit  puffs

it’s kinda nasty tho, going thru ur throat

it might hit for a second, but that’s as far as it goes

your lungs knocked down like some dominos


spend all ur money stizzys, it’s like selling your soul

you got two choices, either heaven or health

meanwhile juulings bad for your health

meanwhile just look out for your health

pray to god that u won’t go to jail

don’t smoke all these pufffs

they’re ruining your lungs, break free



(i know you had enough nicotine)



you know u had enough

filling your lungs with stuff

you should trust, i think you’re hooked on puffs (inhale)

u looked possessed, nicotine make you depressed

nic makes u a mess

lookin in ur eyes ur stressed, u stressed

be better if u smoked less

lung gonna release from your chest

your lungs gon decompress

you and bird and nic is your nest

get some rehab and find your own exit

nic can make u dyslexic

love your body, u gotta protect it

if u keep smoking your gonna regret it

the vape companies lying, tryna get me

peer pressure tryna attack me

vapes filled with arsenic and nicotine

i want my friends to be healthy


and i don’t understand why u smokeeeeing

overload on nic urge to smoke

know you had enough of the souuurin

know you had enough, like smoking

but you can’t get enough of the right things

i know you had enough