Is She Gifted?

She learns, She receives a beautiful gift

But it doesn’t sound like something that would make her feel gifted

She grows up feeling trapped like a caught butterfly

Afraid to reveal or show herself

It’s what makes her a woman

Gentle, sensitive, intuitive, nurturing, and she hates it

Always in a cautious state

Jagged metal clenched between her fist 

For she might not know what is in store for her

She learns that her dress, her makeup, her confidence,  her style

Is as much to blame as the man lurking in the shadows

But yet it still doesn’t matter

What is on her back

A man sees a weak woman nothing more nothing less

“No” goes in one ear and out the other

For the man just can’t resist

Why must she be afraid?

Afraid for what might be in store for her

Afraid of what her gift might bring

Will one come forth

To protest, speak, stand up 

For these heinous acts must stop