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The Hookup Takeover?

Melanie Anish, Features Editor

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Believe it or not, there once was a time when couples dated, went out for dinner, and actually got to know each other before sleeping together. But since this magical time, we have entered a new era. This new era has introduced “the hookup culture” to our society, especially among millennials.

People have seemed to let themselves believe that it is okay to sleep with someone one night and never call or speak to them again. This is a brand-new concept in the world of love and dating.

Millennial hookup culture has a lot to do with the media and the entertainment industry in young adults’ lives. The internet has brought a new world of possibilities to anyone able to access a computer, phone, or tablet. Millennials have grown up with access to so much information at their fingertips and have a broadened mindset about hookups.

Movies and television have also introduced the idea of a hookup culture into the minds of children and teens.  Most television shows, meant for viewers above age thirteen, include scenes about sex and hookups. These shows, which include “Glee,” “Gossip Girl,”  “One Tree Hill,” and “Friday Night Lights,” get people thinking about hookups from a young age. These children will grow up and make hookups their definition of a relationship. This creates a generation of people who are accustomed to the “hookup culture” and keep it alive.

But the real question is, should this “hookup culture” continue in the generations to come? Or should we return to the ways of our parents and embrace a more classical approach to dating?

Hookup culture is ultimately harmful to the relationships that people form. It values body over personality, so millennials are more focused on the sexual aspect of a relationship and less on the romantic aspect.

Although hookup culture is superficial, it appears that the concept of classical dating is long gone and the newest trend of hooking up has been ingrained into the minds of millennials.

Will our society ever be able to get back to a place where dating is always the first step in a relationship?

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The Hookup Takeover?