Junior Year Stress

The Jag, Staff Writer

Dear Jag,

Junior year is so hard!! How am I supposed to manage all of this stress!

-Dear Stressed Junior,

Junior year has a reputation for being one of the hardest years of high school. Often times, it is difficult to adjust to all of the homework and SAT/ACT prep, but there are definitely ways to manage all of your stress. The first way is to find a schedule that works for you. Finding a specific time for you to sit down and get your homework done can be one of the most beneficial study tactics a high schooler can adopt. Doing this will help you get into a routine, which will help manage your time wisely. The next way is to find ways to find things that you are passionate about. Whether that is a school club, or service learning opportunity, engaging in something you love will distract you from the stress of Junior year and will help you learn about what you are interested in. Finally, I know it is overrated, but sleep can help you be more successful. If you develop good study habits and a study schedule, you will notice how much time you have for sleep! Thank you for coming to me for advice, If you ever need any more help, I am always here:)