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Hip Hop Dance Team Hits the Stage

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Hip Hop Dance Team Hits the Stage

Shayna Goldstein, Opinion Editor

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Sit down; be humble. On September 15, deToledo High School’s very own Hip Hop Dance Team made their debut at our first spirit rally of the year.

For years, the Varsity Dance Team has been finding a way to include every dance style into the curriculum, but with an overwhelming amount of lyrical and contemporary dances hip hop has been left out of the picture. Students who lacked confidence in their technical dance abilities were put on lower teams, and felt left out of the spotlight.

Finally, Dina Nelson, the Arts Coordinator of our school, has made the decision to create a new Hip Hop Team. In a special audition, students on the team were chosen to represent this school at competitions and performances throughout the year.

“The hip hop dancers needed an outlet to express themselves,” Dina said. “Since most of Dance Team concentrated on the technical styles of dance, I decided it would be beneficial to add the Hip Hop Team for those who are more interested in that form of dance.”

Participants of the team are grateful to finally have a place they feel comfortable, and are excited to expand their knowledge in different styles of hip hop.

Co-captain Team and senior at deToledo High School, Emily Schulman, says, “I look forward to going to Hip Hop Team every single day and I have already learned so much more and the year has only started.”

Shai Mizrahi, an incredible choreographer and breathtaking performer who comes all the way from Israel, comes to deToledo High School once or twice a week in order to get the team in shape for performance. His unique style and professional advice work together to push students and help the team thrive. He is choreographing a small hip hop dance with seven students. Shai’s dance moves have a particular look to them and are included in one of many styles of hip hop.

Jon Paul and Dan Bramlet also choreograph for the team. Dan Bramlet, owner of Wild Card Dance Company, was the original creator of this team. During try-outs, he chose the students for the team to create a strong family full of support and improvement.

Gabby Dayan, a junior in our school and a dancer on the team, really “enjoys the music, and [she] can’t wait to see how much she will grow by the end of the year.”

Although the year has only begun, there is much more for the team to learn, and they have multiple performances left in the year to do so. While proving they are capable of putting in all of their effort, they will make this team the best it can be.

“It’s too early to say if the team has been beneficial” Dina explains, “but so far they have been working hard and accomplishing a lot in a short period of time. Plus- all the team members seem happy!”

de Toledo’s soon to be award winning Hip Hop Dance Team has an exciting future in front of them. Hopefully they can bring back our school another win!

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Shayna Goldstein, Opinion Editor

Shayna Goldstein is a senior and it's her first year working for the Prowler. She is on the Varsity Dance Team and enjoys long beach days and making people...

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Hip Hop Dance Team Hits the Stage