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A True Community

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A True Community

Noah Camras, Sports Editor

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At de Toledo High School, the value of community is ingrained in the student’s minds. As important as grades and being successful are, the greatest thing that a student can take out of de Toledo are the values taught by Dr. Powell at the freshmen retreat – AP Kindness, no lashon hara, and being an A+ human being. In de Toledo sports, the values preached to the student athletes are the same. Although becoming a better athlete and winning as a team are significant aspects of our sports, the most vital aspect is the sense of community – both on and off the court.

Two weeks ago, my grandfather passed away at the age of 90. While I, along with my family, had to endure a tough period of time, no one came together to show me support more than my basketball team. The values taught at this school were exemplified in the kind acts my basketball team demonstrated towards my family and me. Each member of the team as well as the coaches individually texted me their support. The coaches also understood my need to be with my family, and encouraged me to take the time to be with them. In addition, multiple members of the team called me at random times throughout the day, just to check in with me and make sure I did not need anything. Although these actions may seem insignificant, they were some of the most meaningful moments to help me get through this hard time.

On the first night of shiva, just hours after the funeral, I arrived to see Coach Castro, Assistant Coach Greg, and four members of the team waiting to see me. As if the constant texts and calls were not enough, my team showing up to shiva and being there to support me gave me such happiness on what was one of the hardest days of my life. I could not help but smile, thanking them endlessly for supporting me.

However, a moment as difficult as death is not the only time I have needed my team for support. Situations as trivial as poor test grades or problems with friends are also times that my team has been there for support. When I am having a bad day, there is nothing I look forward to more than going to basketball and hanging out with my team. That is the true importance of a team and a community.

The week after my grandfather passed away, I was unable to attend basketball practice because of the conflict between the funeral and shiva. As happy as I was to be able to be with my family, I was upset to not be able to go to practice. As hard as those days were, the people that I knew I needed to be with were my teammates. They could cheer me up unlike anyone else can, which is why I could not help but smile when they walked into the shiva. The following week, I was able to rejoin my team, and they welcomed me with open arms. They were happy to have me back, and emphasized they were always there for support.

After reflecting on these kind acts of love, I have learned the true meaning of community. When someone is in need, in what is possible the hardest time of their lives, a true community is there to pick someone up. Whether it is through texts, calls, or even showing up, the greatest part of a community is how they respond to another member of the community falling, and the ability to pick them up.

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Noah Camras, Sports Editor

Noah Camras is a senior here at dTHS. He is writing for the Prowler for the first time, and will be sharing his opinion about various sport topics. He...

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  1. Coach Castro on January 19th, 2018 12:11 pm

    You are a class act. Thank you for this great write up. we would not be a team without you. Your teammates and the coaching staff are always here for you. We love you,buddy!

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A True Community