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Trust Yourself to Do What’s Right

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Trust Yourself to Do What’s Right

Gabby Resnick, Opinion Editor

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Since we were able to walk, we were programmed to do the right thing, the best thing. The right thing to do was always handed to us on a silver platter. The better choice was as obvious as the knowledge that Mr. Shpall favors USC over UCLA. With the guidance of our parents, we generally took the right path, or at least we were steered down that path.

But as we grew older, we had to start making own choices. The reins were loosened. Now, we need to decide what is right and what is wrong for ourselves.

High school is a place filled with confused, adolescent teenagers. During these four years, we experience things that were previously unknown to our innocent, simple minded brains. This burst of new experiences cloud our previous clarity of what is right and what is wrong.

The lines have become so blurred that they are often intangible. If we can’t always distinguish the line between right and wrong, then how are we expected to always do the right thing?

As I am about to head off to college, leaving the bubble my parents have protected me in, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this concept of what is right and wrong. Over time, I have learned that everyone has their own personalized definition of what is right and wrong. My right could be someone else’s wrong, and vise versa. My moral compass helps guide me to the right decision for me. Although each situation is different, I generally have a gut feeling as to what decision I should make if I am ever in a social predicament. I may know what is truly the best decision to make in a certain situation, but it is hard to always follow through. As I go off on my own, I need to trust my gut more than ever.

I’ve been reflecting on my high school experience a lot lately. It has lead me to this.

During high school, you will experience a plethora of “firsts:” Your first kiss, first breakup, first major fight with a friend, first real party experience, and so on. These firsts will be exciting, and great learning experiences. However, your first may not be someone else’s first.

You may feel like you are left behind in the dust while your friends travel ahead in the light. You may want to join them, but don’t feel you are quite ready. Before taking those leaps in order to prevent falling further behind, remember that because your friends are more experienced than you, you may value certain experiences differently.  

If you and your friends go to a party and your friends are doing something that you have never done, you may feel pressured to the same. You may end up refusing, your better judgement telling you that it is not the right time or environment to be experiencing this “first” in.

This is the right decision for you, and only you can decide it. Because we all have a different definition of what is right and wrong, we should never feel ashamed for having opposing opinions.

Throughout all of the firsts that you will experience, your gut will be your best friend. It will guide you to the right path.

Your gut, or moral compass, will lead you to the light, your own light. Your gut is filled with the morals that have been instilled into you through parents, past role models, older siblings, etc.

We need to trust that our instincts will lead us to the right choices, whether we are seniors heading off on another part of our life’s journey or freshmen just stepping into the shallow end of high school.  

However, we cannot live our lives constantly worried that we will do something wrong. It is inevitable that we will mess up. We will mess up, big time. It is human to make mistakes. The good news is that we will learn from them, and grow as a result.

Regardless, we must trust our guts to point us in the right direction.

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Gabby Resnick, Opinion Editor

Gabby Resnick is a senior here at de Toledo High school. She loves creative writing and plans to start a food blog in the near future. If you can’t find...

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Trust Yourself to Do What’s Right