A Woolsey Fire Experience at deToledo High School

Sarah Riitter, Arts and Entertainment Editor

WEST HILLS–Over this past weekend, the cast, crew, and pit came together for the theater retreat. Despite school being cancelled (due to the Woolsey fire) the retreat was deemed safe to attend. As the fire continued to rage, the anxieties of the teens who attended continued to increase. There were many conversations about whether the retreat should have been postponed or what the evacuation plan was if the fire got closer to school. At 7:33 pm there was an emergency alert stating that there was a mandatory evacuation for West Hills: W of Valley Circle, N to Roscoe Blvd, S to Vanowen. Although the school isn’t in this area, the notice only made anxiety run higher. Parents were also concerned, and some decided to either not send their kids or to take them home at night and bring them back in the morning. Luckily, everyone made it okay and the weekend didn’t have to be cut short.