Ruth Bader Ginsberg Movie Inspires Women in Film

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Upon finishing the documentary “RBG” for the fourth time, I began to wonder what other inspiring female stories I could find in the entertainment industry. It was also at this time I stumbled across the production company Pacific Standard, which seeks to tell stories about women.

Before the end of her first year in business, founder Reese Witherspoon grossed over half a billion dollars by taking a chance on two books which rose to the New York Times best seller list. The first was Gone Girl and the second was Wild, both released in 2014 and still remain hugely successful.

Witherspoon began the production company because she saw a need for more storytelling that did not portray women as the helpless partner to a superior man. She felt as though it was her responsibility to bring strong female stories to life. She knew she could not leave it up to others to fulfill her vision, so she took it upon herself.

Now in its eighth year, Pacific Standard produces award winning media but has also been honored as a social action and social change feminist company.

Since its establishment in 2012, Pacific Standard tells stories with strong female leads of different ages, races, and socio-economic status. The company shines a light on women at both the bottom of society and in positions of elite power.

Pacific Standard has worked to close the gender gap and bring out the best in women. Even in 2019, women are still underpaid and underrepresented in leadership positions, and some are even denied positions of power, being told they can’t take the pressure of being a high level executive or leader.

Putting women on the big screen should not be a charity case or a public service ploy; it should be the norm, no matter the industry, no matter the position. Women should have the same opportunities as men. And if they do not, they should start to ask the big questions of themselves and their industries .

Women should expect more, and they should believe in themselves to do more. Rather than looking to others, they should take charge, believe in themselves, and not be afraid of ambition.We need more women to embrace ambition head-on and turn it into meaningful work to inspire a whole new generation.