Life in High School…In A Single Sentence

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It’s the beginning of the school day, and you are barely awake, so you drink steaming hot coffee while you rush to get a good parking spot and when you finally pull into the parking lot, everyone is parking at once because they are desperately hoping they don’t have to valet their cars, and you make a concerted effort to park well so you don’t embarrass yourself, and school is pretty much the last place you want to be every morning at 8:00 am, but you can’t skip school because it looks bad: you’ve already left early three times this week so you have to sit in the same classes with the same people, and you have more quizzes and assignments and conversations than you can handle at once and of course this is the day you don’t have bonus or a study period and you have to act like you are functioning while you’re actually sleeping with your eyes open, and eventually, after many monotonous hours, you finally get to go home, but you can’t because the parking lot is like Disneyland, which takes 30 minutes to conquer on a good day, so you get home and continue to work after you spent all day at school, but you can’t relax because you have to do it all again tomorrow.