Senior Thanks Generous Generation


Shannon Leith

Nulman thanks dTHS Principal Ellen Howard and Head of School Mark Shpall during Generations Day celebrations February 13.

Hearing my name called. Walking up to the podium. Blinded by fear.

I walked to the microphone and began. I looked out at the crowd but could only see the figures of hundreds of silhouettes. First page, done. Second page, done. Third page. This time I really took my time. If they hadn’t listened before, now was the time.

I wanted so badly to leave my mark. I wanted them to really hear the hours of preparation and work. I think it worked. “Thank you.” I looked up and finally saw them. All the people. Smiling. Clapping. I think I did it, I said to myself.

Now it was time to say thank you. Thank you to the school that has given me so much more than just a core curriculum. Thank you to the place where I have spent countless hours over the past four years. Thank you to the institution that is de Toledo High School — I know I will never forget you. Thank you to the unforgettable relationships I have formed. Thank you to all the teacher who have both directly and indirectly shaped the course of my life.

I think I did it. I think I made an impact. With a seemingly simplistic three pages of words formed into sentences, I think I did it. Now I can breathe. I can see the faces of the all people who have made the last four years exactly what they have been. Not all happy memories, but mostly. All the hours spent in the classroom listening to the lectures I can now finally appreciate. All the hours in my room pouring over my notes when all I can think about is how much I would rather be watching Netflix. All the time, money, and resources my parents have put in. All the resources I once wished they had saved so I could travel, I now understood. One place that has left me with a lifetime of memories and lessons. Thank you will never be enough, but I say it anyways. Thank you.