Generations Day Brings Joy and Hugs


Maddy sits with her grandmother on Generations Day.

Generations Day–I really didn’t know what that was until today; all I knew was my grandma and grandpa came. That was it.

It turned out to be so much fun! I really enjoyed spending part of the day with them, especially because I have such a close relationship with them and know that any time I get with them is precious. 

The day started off with the look of pure joy on everyone’s face. Some people hadn’t seen their grandparents in days, and others had not seen them in almost a year. 

When the morning Tefillah services began, we wrapped our arms around our grandparents and gave them a hug.  As they sat there and beamed with pride, we sang songs and had very communal moments with the ones we love. Then we took a break so our sweet, little grammies and grampies could recharge their hugging arms. 

When we were done, they came to a class with us. My class happened to be English. It was pretty fun; we did work and some other fun activities. It was a nice change of pace for the day. 

The classes were over and everyone was very excited for the long-anticipated Grandparents’ Day lunch, so we all sat down for lunch with the tables all neatly decorated with flowers. We grabbed our sandwiches, pasta, and treats, sat down and talked. We caught up like every other person in the room. We talked about school, our lives, and how much fun we had had that day. 

Then, as quickly as the day started, it was over. We said our goodbyes and gave our final squeezes and went our separate ways.