Chameleons ‘the Hardest Pet to Have’

‘They are like little baby dinosaurs.’

We all saw this one coming. Finally, a story about chameleons, Maddy’s favorite animal. Let me tell you–chameleons are the world’s cutest reptile for sure.

I have three veiled chameleons, two on earth and one in chameleon heaven ( RIP Pascal 12/17/21). Anyway, they are basically my children. The thing about chameleons is that they are like little baby dinosaurs; they have a fin on the top of their head and two-toed feet that can grasp anything,

They constantly look like they are in a grumpy mood and that is one of my favorite things about chams. Chameleons also have really long tongues that help them catch their food. Chameleons are practically deaf so their eyes can turn 360 degrees and go completely different directions to help them stay safe from predators.

Chameleons actually have severe depression, if you could believe that, which is why they are the hardest pet to have. They get stressed out extremely easily and you can tell when they are stressed because they will show their “angry” colors which consist of black and really dark green/brown.

Chameleons can actually bite if they are really stressed out or threatened, and that surprisingly HURTS! For an animal that does not have any teeth, a chameleon bite is strong.

Right now, I have two very diverse chameleons: one is a fully grown adult with all green skin, and the other is a baby cham with pink legs and a pink and white face. She is probably the love of my life. Each of them have their own needs. Smaller chameleons need to be fed more often and need more heat than, say, an adult. I could sit and talk about chams all day. They are my favorite animal on this planet. If you love dinosaurs 10/10 recommended for you, or if you want to broaden your reptile spectrum, I would also recommend.

They do need a lot of care but, in the end it is worth it because they are just too cute.