Bio Gel Is the New Healthy Nail Trend


Do you ever see people with beautiful long, clean, and perfectly shaped nails? Well, chances are they have plastic tips, harmful acrylics, and chemicals on their nails. 

Now with the new Bio Gel nails that have been one of the best beauty trends of 2022, there is no need to worry about ruining your natural nails! The process is similar to a normal gel manicure, but the big difference is the extra layer that is applied to the nails. 

This additional layer is called Bio Sculpture Gel. After the basic manicure has been performed, the manicurist will take a brush and apply the thick bio gel to the nail, and then you will place your hand in the LED Light. From there, the rest of the manicure is just like your typical gel manicure. Any gel color can be applied on top of the special bio gel coat. 

No plastic or glue is used, just your natural nails. If you want to switch to bio gel it is important to be consistent, and stick with it. 

You will notice each manicure will last you at least three good weeks, and even up to a month. You know it is time to get a new manicure when the bottom of your nail gets longer to the point it grows away from the polish.

Here is a glimpse into my most recent manicure!

After removing my prior polish, my manicurist filed out my nails and shaped them into the almond shape I like. Keep in mind, unlike acrylics where they would file a plastic tip, my real natural nail is being filed!!
Here’s my nails are just being buffed out. Some salons still use the typical large pieces of foam, but most find it more effective to use electric buffers.
The clear coat you see is the Bio Sculpture Gel that was applied to my cleaned nails.
Here is the end result!