Club ACOH Makes Guacamole


Alexis Gavin

Ingredients to make guacamole: avocado, lime, garlic salt, cilantro

On March 9, Club ACOH made guacamole to share with the school community.

Club ACOH provides students with opportunities to educate themselves about Hispanic culture. Since so many students take de Toledo’s Spanish course, this club is perfect for them to learn about Spanish customs and traditions, but you don’t have to be a Spanish-language student to join the club!

I interviewed co-president Jordyn S. (’24) about her experience running Club ACOH: 

What motivated you to join club ACOH? 

Learning about different cultures other than your own promotes awareness and appreciation. The representation of different cultures is extremely important and we include all these fun activities to represent and teach people about Spanish culture. 

How did you decide to do guacamole making as an activity for the club? 

We take suggestions from students and faculty and a friend of mine suggested that we should make guacamole and I thought that would be a fun idea. 

What do you want people to learn from this activity?

Well, guacamole is a Hispanic food and just being able to make food from that culture is incredible, and it helps represent Spanish culture which is our goal of the club.

How do you feel leading such an inspirational event? 

I feel like everyone is really enjoying it and it’s going to be delicious!

Ingredients to make guacamole: avocado, lime, garlic salt, cilantro