Petach Program Opens Many Doors


Jared Akka

Sophomores toured Sofi Stadium in Inglewood on May 3, 2022, as part of the Petach program for students who did not travel to Israel.

Los Angeles has way more activities than I thought. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past 16 years and thought I knew about everywhere. However, I was proved wrong by my school’s two-week Petach trips. We traveled to many different places including the Museum of Tolerance, Sofi Stadium, and Shemesh Farms in Malibu

 I always knew about the Holocaust, but during the tour of the Museum of Tolerence, I got to feel what it felt like to be in that time. The most disturbing part for me was when they showed us how it felt to walk into the concentration camps. Right when you entered the concentration camp there were two doors. One door said it was for people over 60 and kids under five, and the other door was for people over 16. If you walked through the first door, you were sent straight to the gas chamber to be killed. However, if you went through the second door you would be sent to the terrible broken-down cabins to live with many others. This was extremely hard for me to imagine what my people had to go through back then.

 People dream about catching a touchdown at Sofi Stadium, and I did. It may not have been in front of 70,000 people but it was where the Rams won the Superbowl. Out of all the Patech field trips this was my favorite. We got to experience how it felt to be a player and a fan. During the tour, I realized how much goes into making the stadium and how big it really was. If you’ve never seen the field in person, it is much bigger than you think. It took around four years to build and they had to dig 100 feet down. It holds four times more fans than Staples Center. My favorite part of the tour was when we got to run out onto the field like we were about to play a game.