Bowie is Fan Favorite at 5th Annual Mental Health Fair


Lindsey Shrager

Noa B. (’25) and Gabe N. (’25) pet Bowie to relax and de-stress at the 5th Annual Mental Health Fair (Nov. 4, 2022).

Prowler Editors

School can often be a main source of stress for students. I think it’s nice how de Toledo acknowledges this by having an annual mental health fair. I helped run the Teen Talk App booth. Teen Talk is a non profit organization that has an app where teens can ask anonymous questions. Teen advisors volunteer to answer any questions users have. The advisors do 40 hours of training to be educated on relationships, abuse, suicide and so much more. There also was an adorable dog that students could pet to help calm their anxiety or brighten their day. – Lindsey S. ’25

I thought the mental health fair was very fun and a great break from the busy school day. My favorite part was probably petting Bowie–such a sweet dog. I also went to the LGBTQ stand and got a heart painted on my face. I was pretty stressed before going to fair, and I definitely felt less stressed after. The mental health fair is one of my favorite dTHS traditions and makes a big impact on the students. – Becca G. ’23

During the mental health fair,  many booths took the students and made them involved immediately. The booth about making plants was the busiest. Most everyone was at the booth for a good amount of time, making and decorating plants, including myself. The activity was very relaxing and stress relieving – Sammy S. ’24