Taylor Swift’s New “Midnights” Album Breaks the Record

After releasing her new album “Midnights” in October, Taylor Swift became the first artist to dominate the top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. No other artist in the music industry has accomplished this before, not even the Beatles.

Taking fans through the story of her depression, disordered eating, and intrusive thoughts, Swift’s number one song from her record-busting album is “Anti-hero,” a song all about her and her insecurities.

The rest of the songs on Swift’s 10th studio album talk about breakup, love, and even revenge, but “Anti-hero” is about Swift’s personal story and the struggles she deals with.

“Labyrinth” is my personal favorite. On this track,  Swift talks about her challenging journey of finding love, and in the end, finding hope because of a new relationship. Her lyrics, “I thought the plane was going down,/how’d you turn it around?” explain that Swift found a new relationship that changed her perspective on love.

“Lavender Haze”–number two on the top 10–is a song about being in a cloud of love you never want to leave.  Trying to ignore rumors so they don’t ruin real relationships, Swift explains, is especially hard with social media.

The 13-track “Midnights” is the most popular album the 32-year-old  artist has released since her “1989” album and the diamond single “Shake It Off” in 2014.

Swift, who has been producing music since 2006, has changed from country to pop since her debut album “Taylor Swift”  and has been on an incredible journey. She is a songwriter whose music touches the hearts of all her fans. Her life has been filled with heartbreak and conflict. Her songs tell the story of her life and its ups and downs, different relationships she’s had, and her breakups.

Swift’s talent is incredible. She is able to make up a story by putting clues in her lyrics for people to figure out.

“All Too Well,” on her album “Red,” explains her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Swift directed a short film on the song, starring Sadie Sink and Dylan Obrien.

“Folklore” is one of her most beautiful albums. Swift’s fans can relate to many of this album’s songs.  “Cardigan,” my favorite song from “Folklore,” is about a love triangle from Betty’s perspective. “August” (track #3) is told from the perspective of Betty’s best friend, who has a summer fling with her boyfriend, and “Betty” (track #14) is written from James’s perspective, the boyfriend.

All her songs have meaning, making each one special and unique.