Postseason Pressure Haunts Dodgers

Something’s got to change.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are in a severe crisis.

Since 2016, Dave Roberts has been the Dodgers’ manager, leading them to one World Series and seven playoff pushes in his time. Roberts’s contract keeps him in LA until the end of the 2025 season. 

The Dodger franchise needs to find a way to get Roberts out of the lead role, whether that is firing him or renegotiating his contract for a less impactful role.

Throughout his time in LA, Roberts has had the best team on paper, but when it comes to performance, players can’t show up during the postseason playoff push. 

Even this regular season they set a franchise record with 111 wins.

Either the players get some sort of nerves, or Roberts doesn’t know how to handle postseason pressure. 

Every year a different player catches this slump. Newly acquired Craig Kimbrell struggled not only throughout the postseason, but also during the regular season. He was even questionable for the postseason roster after his performance on the pitching mound wasn’t nearly as effective as it needed to be.

Of course, everything can’t be on Roberts. It could be that he is passing off his coaching duties to someone else.

No matter what happens to Dave Roberts, he will face criticism.  Though he cannot control players’ good and bad days, he can control whether he plays them or not. That is where his credibility comes in. 

Something needs to change. Fire him or renegotiate Roberts’ contract for a lesser role in the Dodger organization.