No Classes With Friends

The Jag, Staff Writer

Dear Jag,

I don’t haven’t had any classes with my friends this year. I am very shy and find it hard to make new friends. Should I ask my dean to change my schedule? Or should I wait for next year?  

Dear anonymous

I know it is hard to socialize with new people and to go out of your comfort zone. However, part of high school is meeting new people and learning how to navigate uncomfortable social situations. Since it is second semester and the deadline to drop your classes without penalty has already passed, I would strongly consider that you use the rest of this year to branch out and get to know others in your class and get to know the teacher as well, (de Toledo teachers are usually very welcoming). If you still feel uncomfortable, you should speak to your dean about creating a more accommodating schedule for next year. Hang in there! Making new friends can be very hard, but you can do it! Hopefully next year will be easier for you.Thank you for coming to me for advice, If you ever need any more help, I am always here 🙂

– Dr. Jag 🙂