Students Visit Colleges Over Spring Break


Over spring break I visited 10 different colleges: Cornell in upstate New York, and Fordham, Columbia, and NYU in New York City. Then I went to Boston to tour Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts, Harvard, and Syracuse University.

My favorite universities happen to be the Ivy League schools–Columbia and Cornell. When looking for a college, I value the look of the campus the most, but I want to go into business, so I want to make sure the school has a good business program. What I  like about Cornell is it has a really good business program, the second best in the country. To me, as long as the campus has a good business program and the campus itself is pretty, I will be happy.

The juniors I interviewed for this piece had different favorite colleges, though lots of juniors at de Toledo like the UC schools like UCLA the most because of the school’s location and campus. UC schools have some of the most beautiful campuses in California.

Lauren S. (’24) – Cal Poly-SLO has “a learn-by-doing attitude, and I really like that.”

Olivia F. (’25) – “I don’t like the city-school feel. I like having a campus”

Orel H. (’24) – A college “that’s closer to a big city is something I find more appealing.”

Odel N. (’24) – “I like UCLA a lot because it’s also close to home; it’s about 30 minutes.”

Interview with Odel N. ('24)
Interview with Orel H. ('24)
Interview with Olivia F. ('25)
Interview with Lauren S. ('24)