Left Out by Friends

The Jag, Staff Writer

Dear Jag,

Yesterday I went on twitter and saw that all of my friends were hanging out and I wasn’t invited. I already talked to the girl who planned the party and she got really defensive. What should I do now?

-Dear I hate twitter,

That is the worst! I totally understand where you are coming from. The victim suddenly becomes the bad guy. It’s so unfair, but this still happens. Social media is one officials  the key reasons that people get their feelings hurt or feel left out. It is wrong that you weren’t invited to that party, especially since all of your other friends were invited! However, this might be an awakening for you. I don’t know what your background is with these girls. Although, I do know that real friends wouldn’t leave you out like that, so maybe these friends aren’t your true friends. The girl who planned the party got defensive because she was too embarrassed to admit that it was wrong of her not to invite you. I would let go of this issue for now, but if it happens again you should definitely talk to them about it. If they give the same response, then they aren’t the friends for you. I would also try to meet new people so you can have other friends to be with! I am sorry that this is happening to you and I hope everything works out well! Thank you for coming to me for advice, If you ever need any more help, I am always here 🙂