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EP release dedicated to hostages

SongTech class creates music for those ‘Taken,’ ‘Held’ and ‘Released’
Kadyn McCafferty
The Song Tech class’s new album, released this month on SoundCloud, tells the story of the hostages “Taken,” “Held” and “Released” from Gaza. A memorial in the dTHS lobby remembers the 134 people still in captivity (Feb. 11, 2024).

The SongTech class has created and released an album inspired by the hostages currently held in Gaza.  

Listen to the album on SoundCloud.

According to contributing artist Eugene H. (‘26), the album is an “emotional EP that artistically embodies what the hostages in Gaza experienced, experience, and what we hope for them to experience.”

Featured artists include Shai W. (‘27), Clay D. (‘25), Rowan G. (‘26), Eli K. (‘27), and Instrumental Music Director Jared Stein.

There are three different songs in this album: “Taken,” “Held” and “Released.” 

“Taken” is meant to be a peaceful and calm song, yet still displays a trapped sense of reality.

“Held” is tense and unnerving and uses loud instruments to show how intense this might be for the hostages still held in Gaza. 

On Feb. 11, Israeli forces rescued two hostages from Rafah. Hope remains for the 134 Israeli hostages still held by Hamas after the Oct. 7 attack in which more than 240 people were captured.

Finally, “Released” is a happy and joyful song to try and remake the feeling of being released and seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

“Released” has “amazing beats,” and everything sounds great, agreed Prowler editors who listened to the tracks.

Sophomore Liam R. said Clay D. (‘25) has an amazing voice in “Taken.”

“Many people want to hear more from Eugene and the SongTech class,” said Prowler editor Kadyn McCafferty. “I personally can’t wait for the next album. “

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About the Contributor
Kadyn McCafferty
Kadyn McCafferty, Sports Editor
Kadyn McCafferty is a sophomore at de Toledo, class of 2026. He is a character on the baseball team and would like to write about sports.  

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