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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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The student news site of de Toledo High School

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Israeli teen finds happiness when her ‘whole family is together’

Emily Botwinick
May L., a 17-year-old high school senior living in Moshav Gea near Ashkelon on the Gaza border, is visiting de Toledo for two weeks (Feb. 15, 2024).

May L. is a 17-year-old high school senior living in Moshav Gea near Ashkelon, near the Gaza Strip.  May along with several other Israeli high schoolers living near the Gaza Strip are at de Toledo for two weeks as a way of escaping the tragedies happening in Israel right now. Editors on the Prowler Team each asked some of the Israeli students who are visiting LA a list of questions. Here’s the interview with May. 

Where were you on Oct. 7?

“On Oct. 7, Benny and I (another Israeli high schooler who is visiting LA right now) we went to work at Kibbutz Erez which is located half a mile from the Gaza border and 1.7 miles from Gaza City.”

What is scary about living in Israel right now?

“I think the fact that you don’t know what could happen…You can go to sleep and you can hear sirens or a bomb. It’s scary that you don’t know what could happen.”

How is your family in Israel?

“My family is fine. My big brother is in the army and my parents are so worried about him, and so am I. But I hope that everything will be fine and I miss him.”

Do you have a panic room in your house?


Do you go to school in person or online?

“We came back to school two months after the war started, in December.”

How do you find happiness in difficult times?

“I think I find happiness when I’m with my friends or my whole family is together. I think it makes me feel at peace, safe, and comfortable.”

What do you love about Israel?

“I like everything about Israel.”

What’s your favorite restaurant?

“My favorite restaurant is Archy. It’s like a club in a restaurant.”

How long are you staying in LA?

“We’re staying here for two weeks and we have 10 more days.”

What do you want to do or see in LA?

“I was in LA five months ago so I think that I went to all the special places. On Saturday I’m supposed to go to Disneyland.”

Do you have a pet?

“Yes, I have a dog. His name is Rico. My parents bought him at the beginning of the war. They thought it would be the best thing for us…and it was. He’s around five months.”


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