Mock Trial Makes a Mark


de Toledo's Mock Trial team competed at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles Nov. 4 and 12. From left to right, with the Honorable Judge center: Ava W. '23, Sydney G. '20, Leah L. '20, Maddy M. '23, Benny G. '21, Shani H. '20 (back row) Spencer S. '21, Dylan S. '22, Ethan B. '23

Taylor died in the bathtub on that fateful night, intoxicated. He was in his mansion where he lived with his family.

We don’t know how he died–that’s for you to figure out–if you’re a part of 2019 Mock Trial.

I didn’t even know what a cross-examination was until yesterday.

Mock Trial has truly opened my eyes to new acting skills. I really enjoy a good role, and my role is good–I am a witness in the case. My character is very “extra” and is a movie star.

I get to learn all about all the roles in a trial and what happens in a real case.

My experience in the Mock Trial After School Club that meets every Thursday is positive; it is something I look forward to because I love to contribute.

My experience with the real trial was amazing. It was so surreal. I was stunned at how important this competition was. There were over 100 schools at the courthouse where we competed. Even though I was only there to support my team that day and not actually compete, I could feel everyone’s nerves and anxieties. We lost the trial that day but still got a good number of points in the end. 

Mock Trial is very important to me, and I try really hard in it because we are a team, and I would never want to let down the team.

If you’re thinking about joining Mock Trial, let me just tell you I have no regrets. I plan to be in Mock Trial for the rest of my four years here at de Toledo because it’s an incredible experience.

Mock Trial coach Darren Masserman stands with the dTHS team in front of the courthouse.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, I will be going up on the stand at the court–am I nervous? Oh, heck yeah, I’m scared that I’m going to mess up. But I’m really excited, and I know I and everybody on the team will do great.