Baseball Playoffs Predictions:

Dodgers Take Over NL West and Win World Series

Shaun Shpall

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With October quickly approaching, every baseball fan is gearing up for the playoffs. With most teams having a sense of whether or not they will make it into the playoff, most divisions are being clinched or it’s down to a two-team battle. 

In the National League West, the Dodgers and the Giants, huge rivals, are fighting for the division to win. After a Dodger win and Giant loss today it is down to a one-game difference. With only nine games left, the Dodgers have very little time to make up that difference. 

My prediction is that the Dodgers will take over the NL West, which will make the Giants a Wild Card team. The Wild Card Game will then be Cardinals against the Giants which the Giants will win. 

In the National League Division Series (NLDS),  the two matchups will be Braves vs. Brewers.

My prediction is the Brewers winning the five-game series 3-1.

In the other NLDS matchup, the Dodgers will play the Giants in a matchup of the two best records.

I predict that the Dodgers will sweep the Giants 3-0 after battling each other all year long. 

Now, in the National League Championship Series (NLCS), it is a 1 vs 2 matchups between the Dodgers and Brewers.

My prediction is that the Dodgers will win this series 4-2 to advance to the World Series for the fourth time in five years. 

In the American League, the AL wild card is coming down to a very close race, mostly between three AL East teams. As of today, it is the Yankees and the Red Sox with the Blue Jays just one game behind. This weekend the Blue Jays play the Yankees and that is why I think the Blue Jays will take over one of the wild card spots.

And then beat the Red Sox to advance to the ALDS. 

I predict the Rays beating the Blue Jays in five games to advance to the ALCS. In the other series between the White Sox and Houston, I think the Astros will advance to the ALCS in four games. In the ALCS, the Rays will play the Astros and the Astros will advance to the World Series in 7 games. 

Finally, my prediction for the World Series is a 2017 World Series rematch of the Dodgers vs. the Astros.

This series will have a lot of emotions because in 2017 the Astros were caught cheating by using cameras to see what pitch was being thrown next.

With the high emotions, I predict the Dodgers winning the series and the World Series 4-2. I think that Mookie Betts will win World Series MVP and help carry the Dodgers to back-to-back World Series titles.