Bike Trip in Yosemite a Highlight for Israeli Students


Mika B. '24

The bike ride in Yosemite National Park Sept. 19, surrounded by stunning views, was exciting, and the weather was excellent.

One of the activities that brought me the most joy in Yosemite was the bike ride. We arrived at the place where the bikes are rented, and from there we rode as a group, while Rafi our guide led the way.

At the very beginning of the trip, Director of Global Jewish Education Yoav Ben-Horin told us not to worry if we got lost since it is “part of the experience,” and so it happened. We had a little trouble finding the way, but it only intensified the experience since we were exposed to more faboulous landscapes.

I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t experienced it, when they visit Yosemite to take the bike tour. I’m sure I’ll be back.