Why Don’t Kids Like School?

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March 15, 2023

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Kids tell their parents how much they hate school, but parents never know why. 

From too much homework to bad teachers and friend problems, Lindsey S. (‘25) and Eden R. (‘24) elaborate on what they specifically don’t like about school:

“High school teaches people to have a toxic relationship with work,” which makes kids not enjoy it, Lindsey said.

“One reason why I don’t find school enjoyable is because of the academic stress, especially in junior year,” said Eden, but “social pressure” is also something students feel through all four years of high school.

Interview with Eden R. ('24)

“Finding the people and things you’re passionate about” is important to enjoying school, Eden added.



There are those who do like school, like Gabe S. (’24) and Amit S. (‘24), who like their classes and their teachers.

For Gabe, “There is not as much academic pressure” at de Toledo, he said, which is one of the reasons he  likes school.

Interview with Gabe. S ('24)






Amit, who is taking AP-level classes, said he finds his classes academically challenging. “All my teachers are great and supportive,” which is something that helps him enjoy school, Amit said.

Interview with Amit S. ('24)

There are always positives, like seeing your friends at school and fun after-school activities, but many students need a better work-life balance to feel good about school.

Fewer tests, more days off, and a later starting time could make students feel less reluctant to come to school. 

Interview with Lindsey S. ('25)